Although voice recognition technology has existed in some form for decades, it has only reached satisfactory functionality within the last decade or so, thanks to the proliferation of machine learning, networking, and distributed computing.


1 – How popular is voice search?

This technology has become an integral part of many people’s lives, and all signs point towards increasing importance. As of November 2021, 86% of UK consumers under 54 years old had used their voice to interact with some form of digital device within the last month, a figure which had grown from only earlier the same year.

The percentage of consumers who report using voice search on their smartphones is increasing substantially, year on year; an increasing number of consumers own 3 or more smart-speakers; and the percentage of voice users who use voice search daily is constantly increasing.


2 – Should my business care about voice search?

The single most popular reason for interaction via voice is to conduct general searches, and the overwhelming majority of voice users do so at least weekly.

As hardware, software, and connectivity continue to improve – in terms of improved capability as well as reduced cost- the convenience of access to this technology is likely to drive greater engagement.

Whatever sector your business is part of, there is a growing number of consumers who will want to search for you just by speaking to their digital assistant.


3 – How can LDM SEO improve our voice search engagement?

Between web design and our other affordable SEO packages, LDM SEO exists to drive engagement with your business in every way possible. An expertly SEO optimised business will see greater engagement through traditionally typed ( “Googled”, for example) searches, but also via voice searches.

Maybe a potential customer is driving when they realise they need the services your business provides. A quick voice search with a correctly SEO optimised business could lead them to making a diversion and bringing you custom.

Maybe a potential customer literally has their hands full with a home emergency. Our professional SEO firm can ensure that your business can be the first result they’ll be provided, thanks to our search engine optimisation strategy. They can go from a stressful situation to knowing you’re on your way to them, all just by speaking conversationally.


Voice search is here to stay. The number of apps and devices with voice search is growing and the IoT (Internet of Things) will likely see these boom in coming years. Our expert SEO consulting company can ensure that your business is well positioned to be found, to be contacted, and to receive custom.


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