What is Google My Business / Google business?

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Unfortunately, Google’s business is soon-to-expire. Writing this in May 2022, we are advised that Google business will soon be replaced (like many a Google app!). In place, we are advised to manage our business profiles through Google Maps. One can only assume that the process will be incredibly similar. I imagine it will be similar to the way you can manage your Google business profile page through the search functionality at the moment if you manage the business profile.

What type of SEO does Google business provide?

Google business essentially provides / provided local SEO. Using a geolocation, which was the registered (postcarded) address. The best chance of being found in the local map pack, essentially local SEO, was by searching for a relevant business within a radius of a few miles of the business’s registered address. Searching for a ‘Chinese takeaway near me’, would typically throw up results within 4 miles due to the number of local options. ‘Football stadia near me’ for example would throw up wider results, due to them being less in volume.

Do you reach the top of Google by employing local SEO Services?

You can have a significant presence on Google without investing in professional seo services. Just get your Google profile right and you are half way there. Employing the services of LDM SEO will help you to get that part right. We can act as your local SEO consultant and then move onto more on-site SEO development as the time comes. First, it is important to get your Google business profile built and ranking. SEO in marketing has a good foothold as it helps you to get found and chosen on Google. We are SEO experts here, so we will be able to get you found and chosen on Google much faster than you could on your own.

Is LDM SEO a Web Developer?

Web design, web development and website creation are all services that we undertake. However, as you can see from the above Google Business and local SEO discussion, we are able to help your website and SEO work in synergy. SEO itself will be on your website; blogs, articles, speed, structure, headers, title tags, etc, you get the drift. Local SEO / Local SEO expert services that we provide include managing your Google business / Google Maps optimisation to help you rank better here.

How fast does SEO work?

At LDM SEO we deal with Local SEO, Google business SEO, on-site SEO, Website SEO, National SEO and International SEO. These all work at different rates. Local SEO done on Google business or Google maps will have an impact within 6-12 weeks and you should start ranking well in the Google local pack section of Googles SERP (search engine results page). National SEO (such as ranking organically under the local pack on Google’s serp) will take longer. For this we need to do an assessment for you to take a look at your authority score, other SEO factors and ultimately where abouts on Google’s SERP you wish to appear. We will have to assess the authority of the sites you wish to surpass / supersede to see how many months’ SEO you require or what your monthly spend should be.