What does it mean to be a web design agency in Leeds?

Here at LDM SEO, we take our role in the market seriously.

We grew up in Leeds. We love the city. We used to party in Mission, Space, shoot pool in elbow rooms, dance in Tiger Tiger. You get the gist. We want to have a reputation for being the best of the best. We want to be known as the go-to place for websites in Leeds

Our SLT have witnessed poor-quality results, sold as long term contracts, with little to no ongoing support, high monthly fees for website management across the board in the advertising / online presence marketplace. It is not uncommon. We committed to ensuring that our customers knew exactly what our web design services in Leeds mean to us:

  1. No contracts. Other than hosting we do not charge for website management. In the future, optional packages may be made available for those who wish to delve deeper in to regular changes, regular updates etc and want a managed service. Our SEO in Leeds service is done the same way, we trust in the results we deliver to keep you coming back for more.
  2. No ongoing fees. In the world of web design in Leeds, ongoing fees are the norm. Sign up for a website and next minute you are in a 12-month contract, that renews in minimum 12 month intervals and you pay a management fee for the website of £40 – £100 per month. That’s £480 to £1200 per year! LDM SEO would never do this – we don’t see it as ethical, or quite frankly, necessary.
  3. Bespoke Web Design in Leeds. We believe every customer should have a website that represents them, or their brand. We don’t use standard templates. All our website design in Leeds services are built through WordPress – a high-performing, bespoke website builder.
  4. E-commerce Websites in Leeds & support. Companies such as Shopify and Wix expect you to learn e-commerce on the fly. We don’t. With our woo-commerce built websites, we ensure you have the best possible experience with LDM SEO. As one of the most reputable web designers in Leeds, providing high quality e-commerce websites in Leeds, we ensure you will have all the support you need to manage your e-commerce website. In our initial consultation, we will understand the level of support you need. Computer whiz? No problem, we can give you training tools, webinars and logins to set you on your way. Fear anything technical? No problem, we can help you to load your products on to your website via CSV files and do all the fancy work behind the scenes to ensure your e-commerce website looks marvellous and is ready to go live to you the day we show it to you!
  5. Local SEO in Leeds. Nobody knows Leeds like we do. We used to live on Central Road (LS1). How’s that for bang in the middle of things? Whether it’s the Google Map Pack you want to dominate (Google Maps SEO) or Google’s first page. We’re a sound choice.

Get in touch today to see how we can support you with amazing web design and website services in Leeds.