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It was summer 2020. Our managing director, Bobby, was working for the largest digital marketing agency in the UK. A phone call comes in from a customer looking to promote his new Tyre business. They have no website, no enquiries, no van, no logo- nothing.

Fast forward to Summer 2021 – Fida is now the owner of a thriving business, an established customer of LDM, due to being looked after so well by Bobby.

Bobby worked closely with Fida, creating a Google business listing for each of his locations and working on explaining the importance of reviews, responses to reviews, posting, what to post, when to post, photos, tags, keywords, services, products, etc. After listening to Bobby’s granular-level advice, Fida is now able to run his Google pages by himself and just reaches out to Bobby for guidance as and when needed.

Fida has since admitted that without the Google work that was done on behalf of him by LDM MD, Bobby, he would not be anywhere near the position he is today on Google, nor would his business be thriving in this way. Bobby has admitted that Fida is one of his most engaged customers:

“Fida is always one of the first to put into action something that I have advised him to do. He is great at getting customers engaged to leave feedback. He took on board my 5 top tips for getting reviews and that has compounded massively over time to help him cement a top place on Google’s first page’.

Fida is happy to put his name against this case study and has said if anybody has any worries regarding investing in advertising with LDM, they should call him as he is happy to put their mind at ease. In his words, “You will not regret trusting in Bobby & LDM.”

See the screen grabs – aside from the initial investment, Fida now pays nothing – yes (£0), to retain a high ranking position on Google. Top 4 for each town/city on Google and top spot in two of those.

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