Platform Options For Building Websites

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1. Website Building with WordPress

I have absolutely no idea why, but for my first year or so in Marketing, I had this idea that WordPress was a cheap platform, or WordPress sites were somehow ‘cheap.’ It turns out that I was completely wrong and I must have somehow made a word associating or some other mistake – as WordPress really is the market leader. WordPress websites actually make up a whopping 32% of all websites on the internet – crazy, right? WordPress is a favourite amongst bloggers due to the control you have. However, it is not the easiest to learn and will take some time before you can consider yourself a WordPress whiz. Fortunately, web developers such as LDM SEO use WordPress due to its functionality and ability to create really bespoke solutions. WordPress’ e-commerce function is called WooCommerce.

2. Website Building with Wix

Wix holds a special place in the market, as it is known and loved as a ‘Free’ website builder. I don’t suppose it is too much to imagine; a new business owner will often be trying to set as much of the online part of their business as cheaply as possible to spend the first budgets on infrastructure or stock for the business. Local web developer, LDM SEO, never use wix to create their websites as Wix does not have enough functionality or bespoke features to make truly killer websites across the board.

3. Website building with Shopify

My first experience with an e-commerce was with an e-commerce website, built on Shopify! Often compared to Squarespace and Wix, it is a simple-to-use interface that completely integrates e-commerce functionality, stock system integration, payment gateways, shopping baskets etc. Because Shopify comes with every tool that you need to easily build an e-commerce site, it is widely considered the on-stop-shop for all start-up’s that require an e-commerce website.

4. Website building with Squarespace

Squarespace is a another ‘software as a service’ (SAAS) provider. It has a super, easy to use interface and is preferred for building bespoke looking, fairly simple websites, for start-up businesses and agencies. Influencers that are looking to expand their following, right through to e-commerce store owners can benefit from using Squarespace to build their website.

Are LDM SEO a local WordPress developer?

As stated, we chose to use WordPress for our site for a number of reasons. We enjoy the usability, but also, once you have honed your skills and are a talented WordPress developer, you can really hit the heights of web design. There are very few things that are beyond the remit of a skilled WordPress developer. Check out this super cool site, that we didn’t build (we’re not just in this for us!) to see just how silky and smooth a WordPress site can look when art is your goal.

Are LDM SEO WordPress Website Specialists?

Yes, we are. Check out our website portfolio when it is up and running (ETA June 2022) to see examples of the awesome work we do.