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Google Reviews

Google reviews are linked to your local google my business listing, soon to be managed through search & maps. They are left by customers either through finding you on GMB, a link, or QR code to that link. Ask us for more details if you need help with this. Customers must have a Gmail or Googlemail account in order to leave a review. Google reviews are next to impossible to remove as Google rarely take any action on false or negative reviews.

Pro’s of Google Reviews

Google reviews are great for building local presence for a local service based business. They are directly linked to your performance on Google maps i.e ranking, and whilst they are not the only important factor (there are about 20 factors here) they do play a key role in your ranking. The text in a review and how you respond also play a huge part. It is the only review you can get that will directly improve your chances of being found. Google reviews are extremely valuable for local service based businesses. Google reviews are free to request and Google business is free, always.

Cons of Google Reviews

Google reviews will rarely impact a national business or e-commerce business who need national scale unless well planned and executed. They do not embed into organis search results or cross link to product reviews.

Pro’s of Trustpilot Reviews

Trustpilot is a well managed platform that interacts well with retailers / e-commerce businesses / businesses in general. Integrates well with shopping channels and product reviews and can help you grow nationally as an e-commerce brand. Trustpilot take the time to actually look into each claim of a false review being left against your business and speak to you about how your ‘challenge’ is going to any review.

Cons of Trustpilot reviews

Trustpilot reviews have no impact on search results or local ranking/ national ranking. Trustpilot is a chargeable service for any decent kind of package. $599 per month for a typical package.

Summary of Google reviews vs Trustpilot reviews

If you own a locally operating venture and seek a good presence on Google’s local pack- Google Reviews is best, without doubt. Don’t even consider Trustpilot.

If you run a national/ e-commerce website and need a variety of review plug ins, product reviews, functionality and on-website reviews, research Trustpilot and also possibly Shopper Approved.

All businesses can use Trustpilot’s free directory, however, if you’re a fledgling/ local/ small-medium company, you won’t get the immediate or any impact on your local maps/local pack presence that you require to see an uplift in enquiries. Google reviews would win out here.